Worm Soil – Natural Fertiliser – 2.5L


Worm Soil is a 100% natural fertiliser and soil enhancer that helps your plants grow bigger, stronger, healthier and become more disease and pest resistant.


2.5L This amount is perfect for: 

  • Top dressing 3 – 4 square meters of veg/garden beds or lawn.
  • Or top dressing around 10 medium containers.
  • Or using while sowing seeds or planting out seedlings.

2.5L is ideal for houseplants, window boxes or a small veg bed.

Mix 1 part Worm Soil with 4 parts compost/preferred planting medium when using for potting up containers.

Sprinkle in the bottom of seed drills.

Use a teaspoon per seedling or a handful per larger plant when planting out.



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Worm Soil, also known as vermicast or worm cast, helps your plants grow bigger, stronger, healthier and become more disease and pest resistant.

Worms process horse manure and super-charge it, making a natural fertiliser. It is finely sieved through a 1/4″ then an 1/8″ grade to achieve the purest product.

Your plants and your soil with thank you for adding Worm Soil because it is packed with the right nutrients and the best Carbon to Nitrogen ration (22:1). Due to the abundance of microbial life, Worm Soil significantly improves the cation exchange, allowing the plants to absorb more nutrients and minerals. This results in a healthier plant system, from roots to leaves to flowers and fruit. As the organic matter has been worked and aerated by worms, Worm Soil has a high water retention threshold. This means less frequent watering and the plants are less likely to suffer during drought conditions.

Studies have shown that plants and soil which have been treated with vermicast absorb more Carbon from the atmosphere increasing Carbon storage in the ground.

All bags are re-usable (you can make individual greenhouses for your potted plants) and once used, you can recycle them.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 19 × 29 cm


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